We offer diverse and creative global cuisine with modern twists, served on share plates to allow a variety of different taste experiences when you visit.

Our Chef Adam Giddings is one of the most inquisitive chefs you could ever encounter.  His passion for new dishes, unusual flavor combinations and his die-hard perfectionist attitude towards presentation are truly unique in the industry. Adam often claims he ‘fell into cooking’, which, as any of his friends will tell you, is crazy!  He may not have always dreamt of being a Chef but when the wheel of fate started turning he was destined to adorn the signature whites.

Adam loves the ‘paddock to plate’ outlook – fresh ingredients, in season that showcase as the star of the dish.  He does not claim to possess any sort of ‘green thumb’ but that does not stop his tiny garden being packed full of herbs, leaves and citrus plants.  Adam is a chef who lives and breathes his passion.  To that end, he has travelled the world in search of new ideas, different ingredients and crazy combinations.  From street food and chicken feet in Beijing, Michelin star quality in London and home cooking of Southern India – Adam’s commitment to his career is insatiable.  He loves the industry, mostly because, in his words, ‘you never stop learning’. 

The Cabin urban kitchen garden; Our garden changes with the seasons, however we always have our favourites, stringless beans, broad beans and the occasional tomato, radish and beetroot. Our wild rocket is normally always present along with kale, silver beet, sorrel, wild garlic and celery. We try to keep a selection of herbs growing including parsley, sage, mint, lemon balm, coriander and basil. We welcome our locals to pick from our garden and ask you leave it as you would your own.

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